(Adams) conjure(d) new images with great imagination… he brought the work to a dynamic climax … like some kind of sonic Merlin.

Bruce Lamott, San Francisco Classical/Voice, reviewing Edmund Campion’s Corail

The extended closer is by Ochs, offering the opportunity for each player to solo with alarming intensity, especially Adams, who strains his brains out through every fingered hole. Rova are certainly assured a place as one of the best saxophone quartets in the world...

Martin Longley, The Birmingham Post (England) (May 23, 1998)

One of the most crucial elements in this noble equation (of Rova) is …Steve Adams … Adams brings a flair for the fiery, microtonal spice and modal improvisation of Indian music and a journeyman’s background in playing with rock’n’roll bands.

Andrew Jones, in Plunderphonics, ’Pataphysics + Pop Mechanics.

“Since Steve joined (Rova) I feel as if the group has taken a quantum leap in a new direction.”

Fred Frith, in Plunderphonics, ’Pataphysics + Pop Mechanics.